Prayer Requests

      "My house shall be called the house of prayer"        Matthew 21:13

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It is our privilege to come along you in prayer.  Thank you!


Name Date Category Title Request
Amber June 4, 2018 Help Returning to God Hi, Thank you for praying for me! Please can you pray that I repent to God for my sins. Second, I stop overthinking, and that I only think about positive things. Third, I need help with growing up (God provides opportunities for personal growth). Forth, I need a strong prayer for obedience and the willingness to do what God ask me to do. Fifth, I need help with talking to God as a friend. Sixth, when God does answer the prayer to help me, please pray that I don’t resist help from the Holy Spirit or fall back into sin. Next, I need help with focusing my attention on others and not myself. Lastly, I need to have a meaningful Bible study with God. Thank You SOO Very Much! Amber
Susan Alexander November 21, 2018 Other Paradise fire victims In this time of Thanksgiving, the destructive loss and terror experienced by victims of the Paradise area weigh heavy on me. So many are hurting and it also touches a chord in that the area has a strong Adventist community. I would ask we pray for comfort, strength and a pulling together of all those affected. I would also pray that people search for ways to reach out in assistance.